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First spotted in front of the Messe Sanoh games shop, in Akihabara on Friday night at 11:30pm. Yamagishi-san was waiting since Thursday at 9:00pm (6 other people had already started waiting the same day at 13:00pm). He took a day's holiday on Friday, to ensure that he could get his PS2 because a few days before, he had been unable to make a reservation in any games shops. He wanted PS2 not only for Ridge Racer V like many other people, but also for the possibility of playing DVD movies, for the game Fantavision and for his favourite arcade title at the moment, Drum Mania

By all accounts, the Japanese launch of PlayStation2 has been immensely successful. Not only is it now almost impossible to find a shop in Tokyo with PS2s to sell, but the interest from the world's press has been phenomenal. That such a wide variety of media have covered the launch, from sectors as diverse as sport, fashion and culture can only suggest that this is the start of something unimaginably big. . . a new period in the history of computer entertainment. The interest from around the world too, may perhaps show that there are one or two people out there in Europe and the US who can't wait for PS2 to launch in their own countries this autumn.

An unprecedented couple of days saw PlayStation2 hit the Japanese market with a level of interest never seen before. With Tokyo's stores selling out by lunchtime on the first day, it is clear that the new console is set to be huge. . .


(1) (オン/スタンバイ)/RESETボタン
(2) (オープン)ボタン
(3) ”ファミリーエンブレム
(5) コントローラー端子
(6) S400(i.LINK)端子
(7) (USB)端子
(8) イジェクトボタン
(9) PC CARD差込口
(10) DIGITAL OUT(OPTICAL)(光デジタル出力)端子
(11) 〜AC IN(電源入力)端子
(12) MAIN POWER(主電源)スイッチ
(13) AV MULTI OUT(AVマルチ出力)端子