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                    Q.How do I beat the game 

                   without  understanding the  story?

A. i got skill ( read the FAQ you will beat   

the game too)

                   Q. who is the best 4 character to use in FF9?

                   A. Zidane (of course), Garnet (better G.F then        

                       Eiko) Vivi (powerful magic), stiner (last move

hits 9999).

Q. What are the mini game in FF9?

A.  the card game, Chocobo digging game.

Q. where do I find a Chocobo and start


A. go to Chocobo forest ( after walk pass the bridge)

Q. what do I do after I find the stone In Chocobo forest??

A. the marget will tell u  go outside press the

Triangle bottom, there's some hint about the

place to dig and also a picture, and the land

form (I don't understand a shit what that

mean I just got the map has all the place ,I'll

post  soon...........)

Q. where do I go to fight the Omaga weapon?(I

am not sure if is omaga, it looks like a ball full of shit)

                   A. Chocobos's heaven (after u can fly, of course)


FAQV.1.1 All By: Master Xsiao 

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