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She is one of the  main  character in Final Fantasy 9, She is a princess and her mother is a evil woman, who kill many people using her Powerful Summon like Baham and the big mouth Summon. (also Odin)


He's the hero of the game, He is very weak at beginning but later on he gets really strong,      he got a tale like a monkey, and he look just      like  a monkey, he's a Clone human, You will        find out how and why!? on DISC 3.


Loyal guard of Princess Garnet, He wants princess to stay with the queen on disc 1, but princess refuse to stay. his last move is super powerful hit up to 9999 almost every time  is like 9999, I like that move!!


He is the coolest character in the game, He does a lot of powerful magic, I like last one the most hurts like 6000+ Hit Point. he is searching for his family and wonder what he is in this world, in the end u will see ton of vivi.